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Jasmeet Sidhu is a creative executive, director, and photographer. Her work has spanned the realms of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and media, working with some of the most notable names and companies around the world.


She has been twice named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women, with her work being featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, and more.


Jasmeet began her career as a journalist for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, before transitioning to Los Angeles-based production companies focusing on commercials and music videos, and later Facebook in New York City. In 2016, she joined the then nascent startup MasterClass in San Francisco as one of its earliest employees, where as Senior and Supervising Creative Producer, and then Creative Director, she helped scale the company and its operations from just six classes on the platform to over 100 bespoke multi-hour classes in 6 years.


She has personally produced and directed nearly 30 MasterClasses, working with a who’s who of talent around the world: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine), Grammy-winning rapper NAS, legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, actress Jodie Foster, showrunner Shonda Rhimes, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton, and more. 

As an independent creative executive and director, Jasmeet currently works with clients ranging from startups, tech and media companies, and venture capital firms on their creative strategy, operations, and visual direction. 

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